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Why Does My Breaker Keep Tripping?

There are several reasons why a breaker could be tripping inside your electrical panel box.

1. It could be an overload. Any loads produced by appliances, machines, etc., that are greater than the breaker size can handle can cause it to trip.

Solution: It would be necessary to run a new wire specific for that load.

The most common example for this issue is a blow dryer in a bathroom. Blow dryers today require much more power than they used to. They are now at the edge of the capacity of the breaker. If you use a curling iron or a straightener while you blow dry your hair, you will cause the breaker to trip. You can either use these in intervals or have another circuit ran to the bathroom so as to separate each load.

Sometimes, multiple bathrooms can be one the same circuit where two people will be using appliances at the same time. This would be a greater need to run a circuit for the separate bathrooms.

2. Another common cause of tripping breakers are what we refer to as shorts. This is when the current is interrupted by a ground.

Solution: Call a licensed electrician

The best example is if a wire has been severed by a cut and the ground wire is touching the voltage wire, then this will cause the breaker to trip instantly. If you try to reset the breaker, it will trip again immediately.

For any questions concerning your tripping breaker, call Electricians of Dallas, LLC, at 972-418-0691, and set an appointment with us today.

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